Now & Later: Shopping for Spring Transitional Pieces

Friday, January 19, 2018 1:01 PM

Now & Later: Shopping for Spring Transitional Pieces

It's hard to believe Spring is just around the corner with these freezing temps we've had the past few weeks!  But, it's never too early to get started on your Spring wardrobe.  New arrivals are rolling in every day; white denim, sandals and wedges, flirty blouses, vacay earrings, and more!  Shop for pieces you can wear now but transition into Spring/Summer with ease.  We've compiled some inspiration to show you how Spring pieces can be worn now, layered with your sweaters and booties and how to make the transition into Spring a little bit easier.  Shop similar pieces and accessories below by clicking the links.  Happy shopping, warmer days are coming!




shop similar pant + sneaks + heel + tote

Forget the old rule, "No white after labor day" and embrace the white denim now!  Pair your white denim with a button up and a cozy knit for a wintery, layered look.  When temps rise, lose the sweater and swap the sneakers for a slip-on sandal or heel.

e54ddd9c4e21afb4648189a834b00cecb2d0cff66596ec2a64a1b2c5ba4e7462shop similar sunnies + sunnies + heel

Shoes and accessories are an easy way to wear Spring trends now.  White heels are so chic for the upcoming season! Pair your trouser or skirt and turtleneck with a white heel & bag and a pair of vacation worthy shades.  Trade your sweater for a sleeveless blouse in Spring and you're good to go.  



shop similar denim + denim +sneaker

Something about lighter, distressed denim screams Spring.  Pair lighter denim with a cami and cardigan or a long-sleeve blouse and jacket now for a layered look.  In Spring, shed the top layer and throw on a sandal or wedge and a warm lip.


shop similar blouse + ruffle top + high-waisted denim + cross body + sunglasses

Flirty ruffles and eyelit patterns are perfect for Spring, especially in whites and pastels.  Wear these pieces now with high-waisted denim and booties and pair with a cropped denim and slide sandal for Spring.  

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5 Ways to Wear a Scarf

Friday, February 10, 2017 3:16 PM

we take offense to the term "basic chic".

 our customers are anything but ordinary, 

but if loving a scorching hot latte & rocking scarves all four seasons earns us that title, 

 then we accept embrace it.

a scarf can completely transform an outfit!

 by adding a pop of color to a monochromatic look, 

or simply used for functionality

 on a day so cold, you start considering 

the perks of living on Mars.



it is easy, however, to get yourself into a scarf rut.

try mixing patterns of your outfit in an unconventional way, like stripes with polka dots, 

or floral prints paired with androgynous structured pieces/suits.  

upgrade to new textures like cashmere, or a good {and cost effective} substitute, merino wool. 

merino wool is super soft to the touch but offers a medium weight, 

making it a perfect option for year long wear {in both cold and warm weather}

*check out our 100% merino wool elephant scarves below

lastly, we know once you've found that favorite piece that seems to work with everything 

 you want to wear it every single day. no judgement.

 try mixing up the knots to keep your signature piece looking fresh and new.



we've listed five ways for you to bump up your scarf style, 

let us know how they work out / share your favorite ways to style a scarf in the comments section or on our social media (@bishopboutique)

happy scarfing! xobb



{image credit : Coldwater Creek}


{image credit:}



Mother's Day!

Thursday, January 26, 2017 3:14 PM


My time has come...I am celebrating my first mothers day. 

I just know that babyh has BIG things planned. im thinking fireworks, banners, breakfast in bed, bedroom filled with roses, gifts know, the basics. 


A few weeks ago DC MAG asked me what my fantasy mothers day wishlist would look like. it took me (maybe) 5 seconds to decide my top three fantasy gifts. you can ask the hubs, but coming up with ways to spoil myself or, even better, for someone else to spoil me isnt much of a challenge for me...

I mean, look at the ring! hello, gorgeous! is that even real life?


So, this begs the question...what would your fantasy gift or gifts be?

let us know! or better yet, come in and shop for it!!


(check our my full fantasy gift rundown below.  attention: sweet hubs&baybay you are welcome to surprise me with any of these options on sunday. xo)


3.5 cts total weight 

Estimate $10,000.00

oh…hey there, my complete obsession. i have been dreaming of sporting this insanity on my finger from the moment I found out I was pregnant. i am under the delusion, and desperate hope, that the hubs will see the light, and surprise me with this stunner on my first (i’ll repeat) first, mother’s day. after all, i did sacrifice my body for forty-ONE weeks, and produced what might actually be the cutest baby ever to grace our universe. hmm...maybe I can convince him that it's baby-rent?? $1100 per month in DC is a steal! 


my second gift of choice would be a weekend away sans the baybay. Oh. hey there, Virginia wine country! Seeing that I went forty-one (looonnggg) weeks off the sauce, wouldn’t it be dreamy for my sweet husband to take me away to a luxury suite at the Prince Michel Vineyard and Winery? stomp grapes, indulge in some heavy pours and spoil myself with endless amounts of sleep. sign me up. cheers. 


Celine Luggage Bag 

fact: my life has a (fashion) void. working in the fashion industry you can’t not have the it bag of the moment: the Celine Luggage bag. i already have the cutest accessory, my darling henry, but one more cant hurt. right, ladies? right.


Photo Credit 

annnnddd, yall guessed it. that sweet picture of me and six day old baby was taken by our favorite, Susannah Marlowe-Galan of Alumbra Photography



Trend Alert: Fall Color Forecast

Thursday, January 28, 2016 12:00 AM

we know you're 'just not ready' to think about pulling out those boots.

 start getting in the right head space by

 considering the trending styles, colors, 

and overall moods for fall. 

we think you'll be surprised to find many of

 these trends can be found in your own closet,

just  by pairing things in a new way!


first, let's look at trending colors





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