get to know the artist behind Loeffler Randall's paint splatter collection!

How did you know you wanted to be an artist?

I originally was on track to do fashion design, but was unable to find the fabrics that I wanted. I then studied textile design and painting, and now these two fields are my main focus. I love making tactile things for people, and painting is more expressive in that you don’t worry too much about creating a product.

Tell us about your use (and love) of color.

Color drives my process – I’m constantly scanning throughout the day for striking or odd color combos. It could be someone’s outfit or scattered recyclables on the ground; inspiration could be anywhere.

Is your personal style as bright and colorful as your paintings? 

I love to pile on prints but there are some subdued moments in there too. LR shoes have such a clean physique and can balance out a crazy print or fancy up something super casual such as a mumu. I like to pair casual clothing with a sophisticated shoe.


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