if you've ever shopped with us at the end of the season, you know how 

exciting it is to have that "cinderella moment"! when you find the last of a shoe and

 it just so happens to be your perfect size. it's like a beautiful little gift from the universe! 

while these random acts of shoe kindness DO happen, you can avoid the uncertainty by

 having your cinderella moment in the beginning of the season!

did you know that we typically order one size of every shoe? 

if you have a popular size foot, that can be a terrifying thought.

don't try to make a size 7 work if you know in your heart (and your toes) that you wear a size 9.

 save yourself the shopping anxiety by getting your pieces at the beginning of the season, 

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get a jump start on fall and shop the new pieces available in store and online now!